When hamburgers and cocktails are the default

Defaults are known to be powerful instruments to influence people’s decisions. A burger place in Germany takes defaults to the next level though. They have their customers order cocktails with their burgers. With their burgers!

I spent last weekend in Cologne with some friends and, following the hostel-receptionist’s recommendation, we went for dinner at Hans im Gluck.

This fancy bar serves salads and hamburgers and has an “Abendmenu”. You pay the price of a burger + €7,50 for fries and a cocktail. We ordered “Abendmenu für alle!” and promptly ordered burgers and cocktails.

Now, I almost never eat burgers and I almost never drink cocktails; and certainly not simultaneously. At Hans im Gluck though, “burgers & cocktails”seemed normal. It felt like the right thing to do.  All the (young and hip) customers were having cocktails with their burgers and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Why would we opt out of such a great deal?

We enjoyed our dinner and I would certainly recommend having dinner at Hans im Gluck when you’re in Cologne. Order the Abendmenu and have the default of your life :)

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