I’m excited. August 24th TIBER is hosting the Eleventh Symposium on Psychology and Economics, TIBER XI. We have George Loewenstein and Colin Camerer—two big-shots in behavioral economics—as keynote speakers and they will rock the house with presentations on their latest work.

Camerer is most known for his review on how incentives affect behavior and performance in (economic) experiments.  He will kick off TIBER XI with a presentation on some of his latest work at 9.30.

Camerer, in front of books

Following this first keynote there will be parallel sessions in which a total of 40 national and international scholars present their latest work. Their work covers behavioral economics in the broadest sense; from consumer behavior, to trust, fairness, and ethics, to rationality and risk attitudes.

During lunch there will be a poster session in which another 40 scholars present their work. We made sure to schedule extra time for lunch so that people may enjoy their sandwiches, the posters, as well as the (hopefully beautiful) weather.

George Loewenstein is most known for a review on intertemporal decisions—his ‘risk as feelings‘ paper is also highly cited— and he will close the symposium with a presentation on ‘Behavioral Economics and Public Policy’ that starts at 17.00.

Loewenstein, in the woods

At the end of the day, those who signed up for dinner will join us at the exquisite Faculty Club where we have arranged an equally exquisite barbecue dinner.

The Tilburg Faculty club – photographer: René de Wit

There is still some work that needs to be done before we can host the conference: the schedule and programmes need to be finalized, the TIBER website needs updating, people who have not paid their dues yet have to be harassed, badges need to be printed, etcetera! Luckily, Diana Vingerhoets is helping me with all of this, but I still better stop writing this and get back to work!

Hope to see you August 24th at TIBER XI!

(P.S. use #tiberXI when tweeting about TIBER XI!)

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